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Obligatory "Best of 2005" post

It's been a good year for Antigravitas, even if I have only been blogging here for slightly more than half of it. In that time I've gone from one regular reader (my wife) to several hundred, and I've managed to write two genuine (if minor) Internet hits (although I haven't yet been slashdotted, dugg or instalaunched).

So I thought I would provide a handy list of what posts did well, and what posts didn't (but I wish had). Don't feel obligated to read any or all of the posts linked below, the lists are mostly for my own benefit. However, if you are a new reader and are looking for a list of my best stuff so far; this is it.

On the other hand, if you just want something to amuse yourself with, you can scan through all my humor posts to date.

Cheers! And happy New Year to all!

The following top-twenty Antigravitas posts have gotten the most traffic in my logs (from most to least hits, and leaving out a couple that consist only of a link to somewhere else):
  1. Making an 'Operation' game costume — A build log for a Halloween costume that has garnered more than a hundred thousand hits, and still gets several hundred reads a day
  2. Making meat — My first big Internet hit, where I have some fun with the idea of vat-grown meat
  3. Is there a future in Futurism? — Where I ask if I should make a career change
  4. Aaron Brown fired — This is a weird one, even though I slag Aaron Brown in the post most of the hits come from people who love him (see the comments)
  5. Women leaving IT in droves? — Where I put my foot in it trying to refute the idea that "IT is a boy's club"
  6. Could the Muslim Ghandi be a lesbian Canadian TV personality? — Where I discuss Irshad Manji and other Muslims who give me hope
  7. Neal Stephenson on Star Wars — Where I discuss Neal's views on SF movies; and my own thoughts thereof
  8. Nazi Nuke? Or Platinum Thrillhammer? — This stupid post gets a consistent four or five hits every single week, probably because it contains two major (but unrelated) search keywords
  9. Happy Birthday my love — Where I describe Anita's birthday
  10. Stardust is coming home — Just some links and info on the January re-entry of the Stardust probe
  11. Feeling blah, need humor fix, jonesing bad... — Where I point you to the Internet's sparkling spring of humor that is 'Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie'
  12. Grokster descision roundup — A round up of responses to the descision, with some commentary
  13. The business of webcomics — With a pointer to an etext book on that subject, and much discussion in the comments (including mcjulie taking me to task)
  14. New Blu-ray Hi-def DVD systems will self-destruct if you play a pirated disk — A rant that ends with me dancing on Sony's grave (it's never too early to dance on Sony's grave)
  15. Is Seattle turning into Chicago? — Where I bring up the subject of corruption in Seattle, something I've revisited again and again
  16. Bad Wolf — Where I describe the meta-story in the 2005 Doctor Who series and make an entirely bogus prediction about how it will play out in the final episode
  17. The Eastside Weblog Meetup is dead. Long live the Eastside Weblog Meetup! — I have no idea why this has consistently gotten hits ever since I posted it
  18. Naked Jen has Disney World advice — No secret why this one gets consistent hits; the word "naked" in any blog post is sure to bring in the googlers
  19. Bruce Lee would be 65 today — Apparently "Bruce Lee" is also a popular search term
  20. Superman, re-imagined (and re-imagined and re-imagined and ...) — "Superman movie" is yet another very popular search

The following are my personal favorites among the neglected mass of Antigravitas posts that didn't get much link love or contain popular search terms (although many of these have had some linkage or otherwise gotten a lot of page-hits, they haven't seen enough to be in the top 20 above):
  1. Tag! You're it! — Where I explain tagging systems in the context of emergent folksonomy
  2. Using your Google Brain — Where I conflate Internet search with calculators, and get some great discussion in the comments (this one might actually belong in the list above, if the hits keep rolling in)
  3. Joel Spolsky is wrong — Where I suggest that Joel is so right, that he is wrong (ditto on this one possibly moving up to the hit list)
  4. Is religion a human neurological artifact? — Interesting topic, and some great discussion in the comments
  5. A world without copyright? — A pointer to a radical idea; and my own, somewhat less radical, thoughts
  6. Creativity, what is it? — Where I attempt to describe creativity, even if I cannot satisfactorily define it
  7. Seattle Mind Camp; liveblogging the mind — A small slice of one of the most interesting experiences I've had this year
  8. Are we heading for De-Industrialization? — The first of several posts I've written about changes in manufacturing, and their impact on society
  9. Now departing the Future. Next stop the Dark Ages... — Another futurism post, where I attack a suggestion that innovation is reaching its peak
  10. The return of SpookWords; a protest against the Bush Administration — I wish this meme had taken off better than it did
  11. Uploading — Where I have some fun with a perennial Transhumanist meme, something I do from time to time
  12. Michael Swanwick and the Electric Pickle — You are just going to have to read this post if you want to know what it is about, but actually it's is much more tame than this other one about Michael
  13. I may possibly be the world's oldest industrial and gothic music fan — I won't even try to describe this one
  14. Science Fiction Luddites — Where I castigate Science Fiction writers who act afraid of the future we now live in
  15. Death of a Princess — Where I discuss one of the most controversial PBS documentaries of all time
  16. Is Steve Jobs opening a coffee shop? — Where I provide my thoughts on Apple's (possible then, sure thing now) adoption of Intel CPUs, thoughts that remain fresh even now
  17. Hearing aid for the attention-span impaired — Where I discuss coping strategies for living with attention deficit disorder
  18. Who needs books? — The first of many posts promoting etext
  19. Shooting and hostage taking in Tacoma Washington — My first attempt at liveblogging a news event in progress
  20. SHHHHHHHHZZZT Beeep Beeep BOOOOP! — Where I link to the BBS documentary, and then get all geekily nostalgic
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