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Memorial: Anita Rowland

At 4:40 PM Monday, December 10, 2007, my wife, Anita Marie Rowland, passed away in Seattle at the age of 51 after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her two sisters, Martha and Betsy Rowland, and by myself.

Anita will be missed by all. By her sisters. By myself. By the children and grandchildren she took as her own. And by everyone that knew her...

Some people shine so brightly they light the way for others; Anita was such a person. Having that light snuffed out so soon is a loss to the world.

Anita, we love you. We will miss you forever.

If you knew Anita or she touched your life in some way -- something that applies to many, many people -- please leave a comment with some memory of her here.

-- Edited to add:

Many people have asked me about a memorial fund for Anita. In all our discussions about what happens next (yes, Anita and I had them) we managed to miss talking about what charity she would like to have people donate to in her name.

There is a medical fund managed by our friend jkling called anitar_medfund. It's purpose is to help us pay off our (enormous) medical bills. But that isn't quite the same thing. You are welcome to donate there, just follow the link and click the PayPal button.

But what charities would Anita want you to support? The list is as endless and varied as her many interests. Given the circumstances, I suggest Gilda's Club as a place to make a small donation in Anita's name. Or you can follow Anita's lead and go personally to feed the hungry in whatever place you live.


Dec. 11th, 2007 04:34 am (UTC)
Re: We are crying in Paris
By the way, this was written by Robert Scoble. Maryam is here too and we're telling each other Anita stories here in Paris at 5:30 a.m. while Milan is trying to cheer us up. Jack: if there's anything we can do, please let us know.
Dec. 11th, 2007 04:41 am (UTC)
Re: We are crying in Paris
I kind of thought that was you Robert.

There isn't much you can do right now. Certainly nothing you can do from Paris. Enjoy your stay there and introduce yourself to someone new every day; that is what Anita would want.
Dec. 11th, 2007 04:47 am (UTC)
Re: We are crying in Paris
That totally sounds like Anita!

Well, we're sending love and support across the oceans to you and Riley.

She's someone I wouldn't have expected to have made such a big impact on my life, but that's just the kind of person she turned out to be. Her attitude, even under daunting life challenges, was just amazing and inspiring.

This week has just sucked the air out of us. First Marc Orchant, now this.

It certainly is making us realize just how precious EVERYONE in our lives are.

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