jackwilliambell (jackwilliambell) wrote,

Poem: Upon the Wings of Icarus

(Yeah, yeah... Scansion needs some work. Nor proper verse either. So sue me.)

Upon the Wings of Icarus
by Jack William Bell

The remains of the day, melting away
And so much remains to be done
Yet here I am and here I stay
Staring straight into the sun

We each our special talents
We each our singular muse
Burning like a candle on the balance
On the other pan life accrues

One side amasses, the other lightens
Until the whole lot tips away
Yet If we damp the fire out of good sense
In darkness we lose our way

Still, pay too much mind to the flame
You stand to lose your sight
Dangerous to forego the shades of our shame
When a muse can burn so bright

For myself, the candles are many
Long dimmed for year upon year
And I find my life grows too heavy
While blindness gives me no fear

So I turn away from staid and boring
I fan the flames hard and well
And I bathe myself in the lumin glory
Of light I can no longer quell

Will I flame out before I drop
Or will I illuminate the world?
Will I realize my folly, turn away, stop
Or will my bright wings unfurl?
Tags: creativity, poetry

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